Roles we Recruit: Design Director

Design Director Job Description:

The Design Director supervises and motivates the team of designers across both traditional and digital areas. They navigate using strong knowledge of design fundamentals to deliver significant results throughout their operations. Their expertise consists of the interconnection between business needs and design strategy. They are the ones which set the design direction for a united front for the whole company.

A Design Director is the champion of execution together with his team that will propel your company to a five-star level. With the aid of design, they can help your company convey the right message in a way that will rapidly have an encouraging impact. Their work style incorporates collaboration from engineers, creative directors and product managers. A Design Director strongly believes that only by joining forces with all the departments that touch the customer journey, you can implement a high quality product.

Design Director Key skills:

  • Organisational and Strategic Design, Visuals, Architecture
  • Leadership, project management and presentation skills
  • Adobe Creative Suit, Illustrator, Photoshop, MS Office
  • UX/UI design proficiency
  • Branding experience
  • Knowledge of design systems and components

Design Director Salary:

  • Top 15%: $130,250
  • Middle: $92,500
  • Bottom 15%: $78,000