Roles we Recruit: ERP Business Analyst

ERP Business Analyst Job Description:

The ERP Business Analyst helps your company achieve its goals through systematic business evaluations. They easily understand your business operations and can establish new objectives in accordance with them. You will find their passion for analytics overflowing in specialised reports so you can draw decisions in an informed manner. Any type of data animates them as they aim to find any information that can be used to improve business products and services.

An ERP Business Analyst is basically a company’s processes detective looking for flaws to fix. They are not afraid of digging deep to understand in detail how every cog in the business machine fits. For all that revolves around your business applications, the ERP Business Analyst can supply the required expertise for their support and customization. Your systems will present improved functionality that in turn will increase efficacy and reduce costs according to best business practices.

ERP Business Analyst Key Skills:

  • ERP applications, computer systems
  • Verbal and Written Communication skills
  • Problem solving, planning skills
  • Analytical, organisational skills
  • MS Officer (Word, Excel, Outlook, Visio, Powerpoint)

ERP Business Analyst Salary:

  • Top 15%: $140,750
  • Middle: $99,500
  • Bottom 15%: $84,000