Roles we Recruit: UX Designer

UX Designer job Description:

The UX Designer is the specialist that posses a creative talent for designing sleek user interfaces from elaborate architectures. They will take your end user requirements and change them into flows, maps, stories, mockups and prototypes. Their wisdom is rooted in an excellent instinct for tasteful representations of business needs in terms of user interaction.

A UX Designer promotes above all forward-thinking design. Their partnership with the other teams will successfully lead to the launch of the project by incorporating their design since the debut. Trust the UX Designer capabilities to read numbers in order to take the best decision for your product delivery. The final product coordinated by the UX Designer will easily be understood by end users from all backgrounds. They are responsible for dressing your company in lustrous, yet functional, clothes.

UX Designer Key Skills:

  • Digital Design Software (Adobe Creative Suite, Invision, Balsamiq, Sketch, Axure, UXPin)
  • Strong experience in visual and interaction design
  • Good user-centered design experience for all screen sizes (phones, tablet, desktop)
  • Knowledge of frontend programming
  • Previous experience with end-to-end product design and building prototypes
  • Hands-on analytical skills

UX Designer Salary:

  • Top 15%: $101,750
  • Middle: $75,750
  • Bottom 15%: $62,250

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