Address Verification

Address VerificationAddress verification is the only and best way to capture and maintain verified addresses across digital environments and databases. This includes online forms, point-of-sale systems, CRMs, logistics databases and Master Data Databases.

Many businesses use address verification to locate inaccuracies and missing data from manually entered data. Others use it to improve user experience and get the address correct the first time. Verified customer address data saves time, reduces errors, increases efficiency and enhances the digital experience.

Our Address Verification Solution
The Decide Address Verification solution allows for:
  • Web-based and mobile real-time address capture and verification
  • Batch address verification for existing addresses
  • Address Verification for 245 countries and territories.
  • Predictive Type-Ahead Verification that mimic search engine entry
  • Corrects addresses before it hits your databases
  • Best-in-market global address data
  • Best-in-class address capture and verification engines
  • Data can be cloud-based or housed in your internal database
  • Provides geocoding based on address
  • Provides address based on geocoding

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