Cost Cutting Techniques for CIOs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cost Cutting Techniques for CIOs 1) Move to Shared Services Do you need to host things yourself? 2) Get a Budget Opinion Get ideas from peers 3) Software Inventory Are you paying for duplicate software? 4) Hardware Inventory Is there stuff you do not need? 5) Review Contracts You never know what you may find 6) Review Uptime Do you really need to pay for 99.9999 or is 99.9 good enough? 7) Review Vendors Don’t let them get comfy. 8) Are you paying Too Much? Are there high dollar consultants around? Read More: 7 Question to ask an [...]

Top 8 Cost Cutting Techniques for CIOs

Chief Information Technology Officers (CIOs), sit at the center of all C-level executives. They are tasked with playing numerous important roles in any organization, and have to look at a variety of facets that are interlinked with being a C-level executive. One of the roles that they play is to ensure that their department sticks to the finances provided. CIOs have to balance the technology needs with the budgets. CIOs all over are being asked to do more with less. Here we focus on some favorite ways smart CIOs cut cost so they can focus on the "more". Since [...]