Invest in Technology for Talent

Ryan Jones from Jobber and David Moise Discuss: “Attract More IT Candidates by Letting them Know You Invest in Technology.“ We also talk about giving people autonomy, ways to attract talent, and why it pays to invest in technology.-- Contents of this Video---00:00 - Intro0:36 – The Developer Experience0:58 – Getting People Productive Quickly1:41 – Invest in Technology for Developers2:00 – Invest 22% of Budget in Technology3:00 – Invest in People over Tech Stack3:35 - Put AI into your Product4:40 – Give People Autonomy5:30 – KPIs and Autonomy can Coexist5:50 – Customer-Driven KPIs6:50 - Hackathons to Attract Talent7:59 – What [...]