We have a candidate sourcing pricing model that works for you. Whether your company is a startup, a venture capital firm, or a company with a big project. we can make it work.

  • 50 Curated Matched Candidates – $745
    • We match the best-curated candidates using our algorithms based on your job description. It is up to you to contact and sell your job.
  • 50 Outreached Candidates – $995
    • The same curated candidates. You can still contact them, but we will reach out to everyone and pitch your position.
  • 3 Guaranteed Interviews – $1,495*
    • The same curated candidate process. We continue reaching out to candidates until we get three people wanting to interview with you and learn more about your organization.
  • Recruiting-as-a-Service – $1,495 / mo*
    • Ideal for high volume hiring. We continuously outreach on your role from our curated lists. You can expect a steady flow of 4 interview request per month.
  • Full Service Retained Search – 14% of salary
    • Closer to a traditional recruiting model. We reduce the recruiting fee because we know you are serious about the right hire.
  • Full-Service Recruiting – Inquire
    • Our traditional recruiting model where we work on contingency. Please inquire

Have something else in mind? Do you need to pipeline candidates in a different way? Do you need different volume? Contact us and lets talk.

*- There is a questionnaire and evaluation process.  We do not take all roles. If you are looking for a .NET Core developer with 10 years experience, only want to pay 80K and expect them to work on VB6  – we cannot sell that.

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