We have a proprietary candidate database of over 700,000 IT people. We have built a set of algorithms to match the best people to a job description. Part of that algorithm equation is the data we have that cannot be found on any published public resume database. Having our own a proprietary candidate database allows us to search and filter in ways no one else can. Here are the examples:

  • Who is a job hopper (4 jobs in 36 months,…)
  • Educated in the United States
  • Educated Overseas
  • Attend a Top University (Stanford, Rice, …)
  • Worked at a Top Consulting Company (E&Y, Deloitte, McKinsey…)
  • Worked Overseas
  • Have a Post Graduate Degree
  • Went to a technical Boot Camp
  • Did they Intern
  • Worked as a Consultant / Contractor
  • Skill Classification – we classify everyone into one of 27 Skill Classifications (Development, Cybersecurity, DevOps, Support…). We use over 30,000 job titles with our algorithms to match people.
  • Experience Classification (Director, Manger, Lead…)
  • Skill Count – From our listing of over 3,000 tech skills (C#, .Net CORE, CISSP, Django, Hadoop, Palo Alto Firewalls, …), we monitor who has used what, how often and how recent.
  • Of course, all the normal ways you would expect – years of experience, company, …

We have worked with Data Scientist to develop matching algorithms. We take your job description and create a weighted list of the best matches.

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