Cyber Security Assessments

Cyber Security AssessmentDecide Consulting’s Cyber Security Assessments deliver actionable recommendations to reduce risk, improve security and keep cyber security threats away.

All companies are at risk. Thinking you have nothing of value or too small makes you more at risk. The cyber criminals may not be targeting you eventually, they may be going after your clients.

Without a proper Cyber Security Assessment, you do not have the data to know if your balance between access to systems and security controls.

At Decide, we apply years of data breach and cyber security expertise to our assessments. This helps you identify potential vulnerabilities and implement the needed data breach prevention solutions to secure your data. We are ‘technology agnostic.’  This allows our focus to be solely on your Cyber Security and risk reduction.

Decide’s Cyber Security team consists of career security professionals who have Cyber Security experience with the US Army, US Customs, the Texas State Guard and the FBI. We have the infrastructure background to allow them to communicate with your internal IT staff, and who can perform the in-depth diagnostics your busy IT staff does not have the bandwidth to conduct.

Security assessments provide a measurable risk exposure for your organization.

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Decide’s background in performing security assessments for the fortune 500, government entities and SMBs gives us a deep knowledge base.  Our best practices allow us to:

  • Identify and analyze data-related vulnerabilities effectively
  • Provide you with methods to manage or resolve data security risks
  • Identify potential data privacy and compliance issues
  • Prioritize remediation steps into customized plan based on your company risk tolerance
  • Information risk assessments: One size does not fit all

At Decide, we recognize the key to a successful Cyber Security Assessment is finding and maintaining the right security level for your company based on your risk tolerance. Our cyber security experts offer a full range of tools and techniques to evaluate your networks, systems and processes. Some of our activities include:

  • Risk tolerance and analysis
  • Network security assessments
  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Application testing
  • API Testing
  • Wireless assessments
  • Policy assessment and design

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CyberSecurity Self Assessment

How Safe is Your Company from Cyber Attacks?

No company is 100% secure from cyber attacks, hackers and ransomware. There is plenty you can do to minimize your risk. Take our cybersecurity self-assessment to find out what things to do first.

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