Why Do You Need a Cyber Security Assessment?

Cyber Security Do You NeedDefending your company from cyber-attacks and hackers is a difficult job and costly if you do not. . Cyber security is often a lower priority area in many companies. Executives authorize a few cyber defenses and think they are done.  Just because your organization was secure a year ago, does not mean you are secure today. The world has changed and new threats exist. Your systems have changed.  Most companies have a blind spot somewhere in the IT infrastructure and applications inventory.

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Think about these facts:

  • Cyber-Attacks are More Profitable than Ever
  • Today’s Cyber criminals are highly skilled, aggressive and more elusive than ever
  • Better hacking tools and increased profit create a highly motivated criminal
  • Firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware are no longer enough.
  • Companies of all sizes are targets
  • SMBs are often the portal to larger companies

Cyber Security Assessments can answer the questions you about your risk exposure:

  • Is your current security effective?
  • Have you been breached and do not know it? What data or assets are compromised?
  • Who is attacking you and what do they want?
  • What are the security risks associated with an impending merger or acquisition?
  • What programs and procedures can you implement to prevent future attacks?

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CyberSecurity Self Assessment

How Safe is Your Company from Cyber Attacks?

No company is 100% secure from cyber attacks, hackers and ransomware. There is plenty you can do to minimize your risk. Take our cybersecurity self-assessment to find out what things to do first.

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