What happens in a Cyber Security Assessment?

Cyber Security What happensA cyber security assessment inventories the infrastructure, data and system assets that could be affected by a cyber attack. The assessment then identifies the various risks exposure of those assets.

Decide Consulting’s cyber security assessment focuses their efforts on five key areas:

  • Identify – Governance, Policies, Staff, Assets, Access, Risk Tolerance
  • Protection – Training, Controls, Detection, Backups, Continuity, Controls
  • Detection – Audit, Vulnerabilities, Monitoring
  • Respond – Logging, Response, Notifications
  • Recover – Root Cause, Mitigation, Conveyance

Smaller companies can take as little as 32 hours. Larger ones up to 80. At the end, the company is presented with a final report which includes a prioritized implementation plan.

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The assessment itself is not an unpleasant experience. It is internal and discrete. It is non-disruptive to your business.  We can achieve this because it is not a traditional “audit”.  It is rather a healthy form of introspection in which the company and IT staff come out on the other side more knowledgeable and more secure.

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CyberSecurity Self Assessment

How Safe is Your Company from Cyber Attacks?

No company is 100% secure from cyber attacks, hackers and ransomware. There is plenty you can do to minimize your risk. Take our cybersecurity self-assessment to find out what things to do first.

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