DecisionEHS – What You Get

EHS software review deliverablesDecisionEHS is Decide Consulting’s EHS Process and Audit Software Review. Here are examples of the customer deliverables when we provide DecisionEHS:

  • An on-site EHS workshop
  • Industry know-how
  • Process inventory
  • We let you know what your competitors and colleagues are doing with their EHS systems
  • You will understand common problems other companies and EHS departments have
  • A listing of “quick wins” for your EHS data
  • Software recommendations for your EHS systems
  • Information on what products can mobilize your Processes and Audits so you can capture more
  • Consensus on bridging stakeholder inputs
  • EHS process and audit gap inventory
  • Inventory of inefficient processes
  • Listing of which processes changes can provide the most value
  • Listing of additional processes can provide the most value
  • Training plan
  • Plan to provide more EHS data transparency
  • You will know the path forward to get the most of your EHS software investment
  • A realistic timeline to implement you EHS software changes

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