Reasons why you need DecisionEHS

ehs softwareDecisionEHS is Decide Consulting’s EHS Process and Audit Software Review. Companies and EHS organizations can benefit from our service if they have multiple of the following:

  • You do not have people internally that can develop new software processes, audits and workflows.
  • You have processes that were configured one way in your EHS software and those processes are now different.
  • The notification hierarchy you have in your EHS system has changed since you set it up.
  • Your Audit data is in multiple sources and/or hard to get to.
  • You cannot explain trends with the data you have.
  • You are not sure if you have a systemic failure of a one-off incident.
  • You do not have people internally that can support and handle all your EHS software issues.
  • Your current EHS system does not fit the current EHS need.
  • You are not utilizing all the features and capabilities of your current EHS System.
  • There other areas within your company that the current EHS system can help, but it is not included in the software.
  • Your company has multiple EHS systems that do not interact.
  • Your company is dealing with EHS process with spreadsheets and email attachments.
  • You spend more than 10% of your EHS staff time pulling data from different sources and manually manipulating it.
  • There is a lack of adequate EHS reporting or not everyone is aware of what reports are available.
  • Difficult to use because there is no centralized dashboard to access the info needed quickly.
  • The current EHS software does comply with all relevant regulations and accepted standards.
  • Not all the right people are properly trained in the EHS software.

If you have multiple of these issues, do not worry. You are not alone. We see the same topics in the biggest O&G companies that we see in mid-tier organizations. Our DecisionEHS service can help.

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