DecisionEHS – An EHS Process and Audit Software Review

Your company installed an EHS system 5 years ago. It works as designed and intended. But that was so 5 years ago. A lot has changed since then.

  • Processes have been added / reduced / combined / changed.
  • The hierarchy of notifications is different. People have retired / quit / been promoted / transferred.
  • Regulations have changed.
  • Facilities have been bought / sold / merged. New EHS system have come into play.

What seemed like a good idea 5 years ago has holes in it now. In our work with EHS departments, we see common issues in the Fortune 50 and the mid-sized company. Common issues that need common resolutions:

  • The audit and process data is in multiple sources making reporting difficult.
  • People spend too much time collecting and manipulating EHS data instead of resolving issues the data may reveal.
  • Poor reporting leads to open questions such as “is this a systemic failure or a one-off incident?
  • Companies are exposing themselves to undue risk and losing money.

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DecisionEHS is Decide Consulting’s EHS Process and Audit software review. During our DecisionEHS review, we:

  • Review all EHS software data sources.
  • Analyze EHS reporting inputs and outputs.
  • Detail usage gaps compared to industry standards.
  • Identify which EHS software systems will best enable your company to reduce risk.
  • Provide you with detailed solutions so you can use your software more effectively.
  • Decide Consulting provides the DecisionEHS service at an optimal price point.

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