WorkFlow Configurator for IMPACT

Easier, Quicker and More Accurate Configuration

Decide Consulting has developed a tool to aid in the extraction, presentation and configuration of workflow in the Sphera IMPACT ERM® product suite. Our tool is a .NET-based utility that transforms thousands of lines of XML configuration into an easily understandable format. The tool allows for easy updates to the IMPACT configuration. Our tool will also translate the XML to Workflow Swim Lane diagrams that are commonly used for IMPACT projects.

We built this tool to help our consultants work more efficiently on our IMPACT-based projects, and would now like to share this resource with the broader IMPACT user community.

Creating this tool embedded several of our core values – Action, Different and Efficient. We saw that there was a better way to edit and adjust the IMPACT configurations. We built a different kind of tool to make it actionable and way more efficient.

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Learn How the Configurator Tool can Recreate your EHS Swim Lanes.

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