Recreate EHS Swim Lanes

Recreate Visio EHS Swim Lanes from your IMPACT XML Configuration files

Decide Consulting has developed a tool to aid in the extraction, presentation and configuration of workflow in the Sphera IMPACT ERM® product suite. One of the tools features is creating Visio-based swim lanes that are based on your current IMPACT XML configuration file.

Some reasons you may want to consider using Decide’s Configurator tool to recreate your swimlanes:

  • We provide 100% representation from your XML. If it is in the XML, it will appear on a Swim Lane Document
  • Provides the baseline for future EHS process work
  • Most Swim Lane Documents were created when IMPACT is first installed. Most companies have evolved processes and workflows from that time
  • Provides a launch point for integration into other third party software

How we go about creating you swim lanes documents:

  • Our configurator tool imports the XML documents into easier to read Excel documents
  • Once in Excel, we have mapped the distinct XML patterns into process categories
  • We use the categories and the data from XML to auto-generate the Visio documents
  • The first set of created documents contain 100% representation of the XML resources
  • Complex processes (e.g. a single step with 15 off-page connectors) may require some manual cleanup

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Download Sample Visio documents created by the configurator tool.

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EHS Swim Lane Recreate IMPACT

EHS Swim Lane Recreate IMPACT

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