The Importance of Hiring IT Problem Solvers

problem solvingToo often IT management focuses on only finding technical competence in their IT hires. While this is obviously important, it cannot be the only criteria. IT management also needs to assess and hire based on a person’s problem solving capability.

Proper problem solving techniques can be learned and developed. Mainly, it is an inherent gift to some people. You have it or you do not. Making an “A” in Algebra II does not mean one possesses the mental horsepower to understand differential geometry.

Individuals with superior problem solving skills make problems go away that have plagued companies for years. They solve topics in days where others take weeks.  They discern between a root cause and a symptom. Good problem solvers take companies from good to great.

At Decide, we help IT managers find the right mix of Problem Solvers and IT technical competence. Our IT staffing solutions bring in proprietary methods to assess an IT professional’s problem solving capability. Contact us to see how we can help you.

We love finding Problem Solvers so much, we pay $100 to them when we find them.

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