We Love Problem Solvers

it problem solversAt Decide Consulting, we love problems solvers. We love them so much, we are willing to pay $100 to someone   who can prove they are one.

Company founder David Moise tells a story of how he loves working with problem solvers:

“I have been working for IT Consulting companies my entire career. I have been a Developer, Architect, Practice Manager and helped in many other roles. I was always the ‘go-to’ person for these companies. I got difficult projects done on time, wrote proposals, went on sales calls and interviewed other potential technical hires. I used to do the default method of technical interviewing which focused on technical trivia. Looking back at this, I was able to figure out if people had read the same books and articles that I had read. This gets in competent people most of the time, but not all. It also misidentifies potential stars. After hiring some individuals who originally blew me away with their technical knowledge, I found out they could just not get anything completed on my projects.

What was missing? Their problem solving capability.

I found that people with high problem solving skills are the best people to have on my projects. They were the ones who got things done and became the new ‘go-to’ individuals. I learned to identify it, but it is difficult to talk with every individual. We worked with a company to develop a problem solving assessment. At Decide, Identifying people through our assessment is called Conclusive Hiring.

Watch Our Video on How We Find the Top Tier of IT People

Any candidate who can beat the score of the company founder, Decide pays $100.We have written several of these checks. We want to write more of them. We love finding problem solvers. Our clients love us finding problems solvers for them.

Do you want to receive $100 for beating our company founder? Do this:

  • Be an IT professional who has the skills for one of our current job openings.
  • Send your resume to our recruiting team. Recruiting@decideconsulting.com
  • We will set you up with the assessment from there.
  • If you score in the top 4%, we send you a check for $100.