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Decide Recruiting Process problem solving skillsWe call it Conclusive Hiring. It is important to find a candidate that has the right technical skills and matches a company’s culture. We aim to do better. What makes a person more valuable is to have the highest problem solving skills. We all know people who are high performers and excellent problem solvers. The trick is being able to identify problem solving skills in the interview process. Decide Consulting has solved that. Decide Consulting’s founder and president David Moise puts it this way:

“When I was a Practice Manager of Software Development, I hired lots of people. I was new to hiring at the time. I would evaluate their tech skills. Those I thought were good, had the right experience and I got along with them – I hired. This is the same process we see many people go through. Most people I hired were good. There were some outliers. There were a few people that I thought were technically excellent, that struggled to accomplish task. It was as if they learned all the syntax, but couldn’t figure out how to apply it. There were others that I thought lacked the technical depth that very quickly turned into the highest performing individuals. Our practice grew because of and relied on this group. The difference was their problem-solving skills.”

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Within any IT group of 20 or so people, there are always those 2-3 ‘go-to’ individuals. The ones who solve a problem in hours where others take days.  These are the people Decide identifies. At Decide Consulting, we measure the problem-solving capability of our candidates.

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