Roles we Recruit: Chief Information Officer (CIO)

 Chief Information Officer (CIO) Job Description:

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is an important part of the company’s management team as they have under their wings the entire Information Technology department. They are the ones with an abundant experience in leading and coordinating all the processes related to technology so your company can continuously flourish. The sphere of action of a Chief Information Officer involves technology infrastructure, servers, data, networks and IT department structure.

A Chief Information Officer defines a strategic plan for the IT team and enforces policies and procedures to ensure a complete follow through. They act in accordance with information systems standards and compliance levels. Their devotion to always optimise how information technology is employed is a key element in attaining company’s goals. You will never find a Chief Information Officer to neglect their managerial duties either, including leadership of the team, annual reports, employees training and evaluation, KPI setting. They will put your mind at ease as they do the heavy lifting for all critical and disaster recovery situations and implementing backup mechanisms for minimum system downtime.

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Key skills:

  • Applications Development, Systems Administration, Data Processing
  • IT Architecture, IT Security/Compliance
  • Project Management, Data Management, Information Systems Management
  • Reporting, Process Mapping, Organisational Skills
  • Leadership, Management, Budget Preparations
  • Written and Verbal Communication Skills

Chief Information Officer (CIO) Salary:

  • Top 15%: $287,500
  • Middle: $203,000
  • Bottom 15%: $171,000