Roles we Recruit: Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Job Description:

The Chief Technology Officer is the key pillar in coordinating and managing your technological operations. They have an important role in the management team as they direct the entire department of developers and engineers. For any matter on the subject of software development and all that comes with it, the Chief Technology Officer is your most significant person to deliver outstanding results. They stand out through their strategic mindset driving your business further through a positive influence of technology impact on business, within the allocated budget.

A Chief Technology Officer always incorporates the objectives of the company in the development department’s goals. They are the ones that set the direction on what should be implemented in order to have the highest return for your company’s success. Their strong leadership skills successfully guide and build functional teams, planning for consistent development efforts. The technical expertise of a Chief Technology Officer applies to establishing a sound architecture of the system and taking calculated decisions for every step of the way. They embrace change and make it a part of the organisational culture within their departments. Your customer requirements and needs with be fulfilled as the Chief Technology Officer will make everything possible to ensure that.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Key skills:

  • Applications Development, Big Data, Web Development, Computer Networks, hardware and software applications
  • Project Management, Change Management
  • IT Architecture
  • Analytical, Management and Leadership Skills
  • Strong business acumen
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Agile, Scrum

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Salary:

  • Top 15%: $249,000
  • Middle: $176,000
  • Bottom 15%: $146,000