Roles we Recruit: Front End Developer

Front End Developer Job Description:

The Front End Developer will build your ideal business application or website. Front End Developers speak Human and Code. They enjoy getting their hands dirty with complex code in order to create a valuable product. Most importantly they take the time to find the best solution for implementation by putting in place a solid foundation. It’s natural for a Front End Developer to understand designer mockups and turn them into a nice front end for the user.

A Front End Developer is the doctor of websites and applications. They create stable versions and keep on maintaining them. Being able to work together with your company’s teams comes to fruition in delivering an exact fit for the overall requested project. Code fixing is the unwritten law for a Front End Developer, always looking for solutions with their analytical and positive thinking, by force of habit.

Front End Developer Key skills:

  • JavaScript, Javascript Libraries and Frameworks (angular, react, bootstrap, node.js, jquery), HTML5, CSS/SCSS, AJAX
  • Webpack, Redux, ES6 technology stack, Ember, Knockout
  • Component-based architecture
  • Agile, Scrum

Front End Developer Salary:

  • Top 15%: $123,500
  • Middle: $73,750
  • Bottom 15%: $63,500