The Necessity of Electronic Health Records for mHealth

Electronic Health Records are a facet of healthcare that are finally being widely accepted. A mid-2013 report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services noted that over half of the doctors in the U.S. were using EHRs. This is good news for the mobile healthcare realm, as mobile healthcare technology often makes use of EHRs. There are still health professionals, however, who have not adopted EHR use, and EHRs can also leave patients with concerning questions. What is it that makes an Electronic Health Record a necessity in the healthcare world today? First of all, health records are [...]

All the Talk About Vaccines; We Are Asking the Wrong Questions

The issues and questions wrapped up in the “vaccinate or not” debate are reaching an unprecedented high this week. Outbreaks of previously ‘dead’ diseases are bringing these debates back to the bright lights of mainstream media. From Facebook to CNN, articles arguing for and against vaccination are rampant, and everyone who writes and shares these articles has a detailed, emotional argument. It is an issue easy to argue from the desk chair, typing away, secure in an idea of how things are. But out in the real world, for parents, the issue becomes much more messy. Nearly a year [...]