expectations IoTIoT or the internet of things can no longer be considered as the new kid on the block. The technology has had a real impact on almost every industry out there, within the last few years. The implementation of IoT has meant that we can expect great things from it going into the future. From automotive to manufacturing, many industries have benefited from the practicality of IoT and if the past trends are anything to go by, the technology is here to stay. here are some things we can expect in the next few years because of new IoT technology.

Through its ability to connect everything, and maximizing the eventual output coming from those things, IoT promises to lead the wave into the future. Having said this, no one can deny that the years ahead for IoT are really massive. But, rather than looking too far into the future, we have to look at the upcoming years and see all that we can expect from the technology during this time.

All of you may have heard a lot about IoT being the next big thing in the market, but not many would be able to tell exactly why the technology is hyped so much. After you have gone through what we have in store for you here, and have had a look at the numbers we will be presenting, you will have a fair idea of why IoT is the future.

The things that we can expect from IoT in the future are;

A Massive Explosion of Connected Devices

Nothing excites us more than the fact that there would soon be a massive explosion of devices connected to the servers behind IoT. These devices are all meant to be benefitting from the service provided by the technology, and will indirectly be connected to each other.

It has been predicted by Gartner that by early 2020 we might have more than 21 Billion IoT devices. This is not it, as the predictive research went on to state that this number would reach a staggering 70 Billion connected devices by 2025. Now, all these connected devices present challenges and complications for the analysts behind them. The huge data influx that will happen because of all of these devices connected to the servers of IoT will create complications of its own. Managing the huge flow of data coming from the connected devices would require a setup that wouldn’t lag behind in times of need. What this means is that the future holds a lot of interesting things, and IoT lies right at the center of it all.

Smart Cities and Public Infrastructure

The concept of smart cities is perhaps the most documented out of all concepts of IoT. The smart city is a reality that some cities of the world have started experiencing, while others cannot wait to achieve. The concept of smart cities basically borders on the bizarre, as it looks to envision a city clear of all inefficiencies.

An ideal smart city will have sensors, cameras, phones with unparalleled service areas and connected kiosks. The plan for smart cities also includes self driven cars, which are also an important component of IoT. It is expected that more and more cities will start implementing this concept in the future. As the concept of smart cities becomes finalized, we will witness better traffic flow, law enforcement and management within cities.

Increasing Demand for AI

As we talked about earlier, the increasing number of connected devices would require enhanced data management and analytics. Now, we may not boast of such enhanced data analysis methods right now, but with AI or Artificial Intelligence also expected to grow in the future, the demand for IoT and AI will go both hand in hand.

AI is the mechanism that completes IoT, which is why it is difficult for one to achieve success without the presence of the other. In AI, there will be huge scope for Machine Learning and Data Analysis. Thus, when we predict the growing number of connected devices on IoT in the future, we also predict the increasing use of AI.

Threat of Hackers

Hackers will particularly be pleased by the growing number of devices connected to the IoT servers. Every one of the devices connected to IoT is a potential hacking point for hackers of the future. The fact that all devices are interconnected or in a way intertwined with one another would mean that the span of destruction caused by hackers could drastically increase over time. This drastic increase would mean that hackers out there would come up in new ways to extort money and to hold the data in their control.

Now, the growth of IoT also means that the people behind the technology have to think of something to counter the approaching threat of hacking. It is without a doubt a great cause of concern for IoT stakeholders, because the threat of hacking might eventually make users lose trust on the servers. Thus, all the efforts made towards achieving this technology might hence prove futile due to the growing mistrust of the users.

Increased Home Use

One thing that can surely be predicted about the use of IoT in the future is that it will have a better presence within the home. We can currently see the first generation of home devices like Echo and Google Home being introduced in this regard. The home assistance devices will help out people within their home, and would make daily living easier than before.

As we start achieving more IoT innovations in the future, we would start witnessing better home assistance devices. The integration of the technology within the home would be an interesting addition to the family of IoT and would hallmark its success in the future.

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