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5 Things to Expect About the Internet of Things

IoT or the internet of things can no longer be considered as the new kid on the block. The technology has had a real impact on almost every industry out there, within the last few years. The implementation of IoT has meant that we can expect great things from it going into the future. From automotive to manufacturing, many industries have benefited from the practicality of IoT and if the past trends are anything to go by, the technology is here to stay. here are some things we can expect in the next few years because of new IoT [...]

Top 5 Reasons for a University-Wide EHS System

University EHS programs have proven a key component to building a world class university.  Managing materials inventory and compliance, ensuring faculty and student safety and tracking corrective actions are a must.  But, a lot of EHS departments have difficulty in convincing administrators for the need of a university wide EHS system. Justifying the investment in an EHS system can be difficult. Here’s a checklist of the top 5 signs your university needs to invest in EHS software for better environmental, health, and safety management. EHS incidents are costly. Costs related to safety usually manifest themselves in claims and fines. Preventing [...]

Top In-Demand Tech Skills in 2018 So Far

Skilled IT and technology employees are more in demand than ever before - -but learning more about the actual job market in 2018 and the most coveted certifications is a must for today’s job seeker. Technically skilled and experienced employees continue to be in demand for brands and organizations of all sizes, but which  actual skills are needed most? A look at some of the most in-demand applications, from Microsoft’s Azure to the robust JavaScript libraries offered by React, can reveal just what employers are looking for and what skills are most likely to get attention on a resume [...]

5 Ways AI Will Work Its Way Further Into Your Life In 2018

You’ve seen the ways AI has been leveraged in recent years: Tesla has self-driving cars, chatbots answer customer service queries, and Siri can send a text for you or set a reminder. But what’s next for the future of AI? In 2018 we’re likely to see AI permeate our daily lives in much more real ways. Everything from the way we make purchases to the way we create content is likely to see a significant transformation. Here are five artificial intelligence advancements that will work their way further into your life in 2018. 1. Facial Recognition Will Become The [...]

Is Your Company Truly Agile? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

It’s true that in recent years more and more organizations have been moving towards an Agile model of development as opposed to the old-school “waterfall” approach. It’s a methodology that allows for more transparency, open communication, and ultimately can save you time and money throughout your development process. But Agile has also become somewhat of a blanket statement that doesn’t always accurately depict a company’s philosophy. To maximize efficiency and ensure you’re hiring people whose Agile experience is a good match for the company’s own, it’s important to assess how Agile your company actually is. After all, being Agile [...]