Tips for IT and Information Technology resumes

Should I have a Resume Objective?

It’s a long-held belief in resume writing to include an objective section. It shows the employer what you hope to achieve and how you intend to achieve it. It can demonstrate maturity, a wide worldview, long-sightedness, and drive to accomplish your goals. However, in certain jobs it is considered the opposite. Resume writing doesn’t come with an instruction manual and nor should it. Usually when employers and HR recruitment heads are going through resumes, they get tired of looking at the same templates and lists and they often skim the resume to get a general idea of the candidate. If [...]

How to Write a Cover Letter that Stands out

Writing a good Cover Letter is like putting the icing on a cake. It will make you stand out. The meat of it all is below the surface, but you have to present the cake in a way that pleases the audience otherwise you shouldn’t bother at all. A stand out Cover Letter tells the employer a little more than the technical information that is listed in your Resume. It gives the employer a better look into your thinking process, your psyche and what you want to achieve in the company you’re applying to. This is why it’s important to [...]

Important Things to Put on Your IT Resume

Even though the demand for IT professionals is increasing day by day, your resume will have a great impact on the kind of response you get from potential employers. Having a powerful resume will help you get the attention of the right employers and will help you land a job faster. This is why along with having the technical skills and experience, it is also important to create a resume that will impress the reader. In this article, we will explain some of the tips  and things to put on your resume to make it stand out so you [...]

Top Resume Tips for IT Professionals

When you are applying for jobs, your resume is your first impression on your to-be employers. In professional environments, orderliness is not just a personal trait but a skill and is given a lot of weight. This same orderliness has to be a part of your resume too, especially if you are applying for a technical job as an IT professional. Here are some tips to help you write an effective resume for an IT position. Read More: What IT Managers Are Looking For When They Google You Before Hiring You >> Read More: What Employers Want - In Demand [...]

If you are in IT, do this to your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a powerful social media forum where you can hunt for employment in startups right up to multinational companies. It is a highly integrated and pretty straightforward platform where both potential candidates and employers meet. You could use it to connect with experts, share details of your professional experience with them and branch out in other possible avenues in your line of work. For people who work in information technology, they need to know LinkedIn is the favorite tool for IT recruiters. If you want to be found by IT recruiters, LinkedIn is the place to be found. It [...]