Selecting the Correct EHS Software For You Takes Planning

According to NAEM’s 2017 EHS & Sustainability Software Buyers Guide, almost 50% of EHS organizations are shopping for a new solution less than 5 years after implementing their existing software. With the average cost being around $250,000, and not unheard of to be over $2M, it is imperative for EHS programs to invest upfront into the EHS software selection process. The more planning and discovery an organization can do, the cost of ownership can go way down. Not just because of they can get many more years from the software, they can make it more useful during this years.

EHS organizations need to deal with all the following when selecting an EHS software application:

  • They currently have multiple EHS data sources
  • Different departments and location value different data points
  • Regulatory requirements can vary between departments and locations
  • There are multiple integration points
  • The new EHS software and existing data sources need integrated reporting for a transparent view

Decide Consulting’s EHS software selection services can assist your EHS organization navigate the maze of topics when it comes to selecting a new EHS Software system. We have been working in the EHS space since 2005 and have worked with the largest Oil and Gas companies to mid-sized manufacturers. Contact us to learn more.

Question to ask to prepare for EHS software selection.

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