Questions to Consider Before Selecting New EHS Software

Decide Consulting has worked with several companies in the EHS software selection process. There are many good products out there. Just because the work well for one company, does not mean they are a fit for yours. Below is a list of some discussion items when considering new EHS software:

  • How many processes do you have?
  • How mature are they?
  • How well do you know the roles and responsibilities for each step in each process?
  • Are they processes, roles and responsibilities documented anywhere?
  • When was the last time those documents were updated?
  • Does you organization put more focus on reporting or process?
  • Do report focus more on simpler incident counts and ratios or more complex analytics?
  • How mature is the incident management process?
  • How many different systems have action items in them?
  • How many different EHS systems are there?
  • How much of the EHS data is in spreadsheets, emails, Access or some other silo system?
  • What software is in place for Action Items?
  • What software is in place for Investigations?
  • What software is in place for Audits?
  • How many of the listed systems is some influencer in love with and will not give up?
  • What is your organizations comfort level with EHS data being in the cloud?
  • What is your organizations need for timely report? Real time? Lag? Daily? Weekly?
  • What is your organizations need to keep EHS data as secure as company financials?

These are just some of the questions we will discuss. These questions are the easy ones. The real trick is to know what to ask when we hear answers to the above.

Decide Consulting’s EHS software selection services can assist your EHS organization navigate the maze of topics when it comes to selecting a new EHS Software system. We have been working in the EHS space since 2005 and have worked with the largest Oil and Gas companies to mid-sized manufacturers. Contact us to learn more.

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