AI Jobs are In Demand [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE – AI Jobs are In Demand So Few With the AI Skills NYTimes Reported fewer than 10,000 Skilled AI people in the world More than 10,000 Problems that need AI Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Logistics all need AI Talent Not just Google and Uber Silicon Valley is Soaking Up AI Talent Freshly minted PhDs being offered up to $500K Google paid $650M for DeepMind Only 50 people worked there Each person valued at $13M Start learning about TensorFlow, BrainBird and MindMeld

$500K, Stock Options and No Experience Required: AI Jobs are in Demand

If you think all of the buzz about artificial intelligence is just hype, you might take another look at the potential for this evolving technology. Halim Abbas leads the data science department at Cogna, an AI development company. He agrees that he does hear a lot of wild claims about future AI apps, but this speculation sometimes overshadows the true transformative power of AI. Instead of just thinking about smart androids that you may have seen on TV or in internet videos, you might explore truly evolutionary applications in health, security, transportation, manufacturing, finance, and customer service. Besides novel [...]