How to Get More IT Candidates to Accept Your Offer

 The job market out there is tough for both candidates and organizations looking to hire workers. It is tough for candidates, because they are required to decide which firm is best for them without knowing everything about its culture. It is tough for the companies looking to hire, because there is a lot of competition looking to grab the talented individuals in the market. Companies need to think about ways to get more attractive offers to IT and technical candidates so more of them accept the offers.   Finding a good IT talent in the market is hard to [...]

What is Your Company’s Recruiting Strategy for IT Talent?

Have you ever thought about creating a unique recruiting strategy for hiring your IT talent? Although, the field of IT is growing by leaps and bounds, most companies still follow the age old methods of recruitment. The traditional approach will be ineffective though, since hiring people in this day and age calls for a different approach as compared to before, and you need to alter the old modus operandi for that. Companies need to reevaluate their recruiting strategy for IT and technical talent. Things to Consider For a Recruiting Strategy Most IT companies do not have a distinct hiring [...]

Tips to Find Tech Talent on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE: Tips to Find Tech Talent on Social Media Build Your Brand Regularly post interesting and engaging content. Draw people to you. Connect With Influencers While you are posting to become an influencer, try connecting and communicating with those who are Explore Niche Markets Try looking through GitHub and StackOverflow for contributors Use Social Media Advertising While building your brand, SM Advertising is inexpensive comapred to Google PPC Make Proper Use of LinkedIn with 467,000,000 users, LinkedIn is the go-to standard. Increase your connections.

Why You Need to Hire IT and Tech Professionals FAST – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Title: Why You Need to Hire IT and Tech Professionals FAST Key Takeaways: There is a shortage of IT and Tech talent The demand for IT and Tech Talent is only going to increase According to New York Times, there are only 10,000 real AI professionals in the market. The cost for attracting and finding good Tech Talent is rising The demand for tech talent is rising faster than other skills (e.g. accounting, sales) If you need the tech talent – DO NOT treat it like an accountant. When you find the talent you want – HIRE FAST. [...]