Phone Interview Tips Tech People [Infographic]

Phone Interview Tips for Tech People Plan Your Location - Somewhere quiet with good reception Let the Interviewer ask the Full Question - Watch the cross-talk Don’t Pause Too Long After Every Question - They may think you are looking things up Keep your Resume in front of you - You want to look at the same thing they are Speak Clearly and Don’t Ramble

Amazing Phone Interview Tips for Tech People

Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger and Phone interviews are increasingly common in the tech and IT industries. More IT professionals are working from home and more companies are perfectly OK with remote talent. It means that more and more IT people are being interviewed over the phone or other VoIP services. When you are not sitting with your interviewer or employer in person, and you don’t have control over the conversation beginning or ending (because the phone reception or internet connection may betray you at any time), you need to make sure your answers are precise and to the point. Here are [...]