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Is Your Company Truly Agile? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is Your Company Truly Agile? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Are you breaking up ALL development into smaller increments? If there are legacy groups that are waterfalling a project that is due in 6 months - you are not truly Agile. How Are Your Teams Configured? You need development, a product owner and QA on every team. Is There True Transparency? Do the story points reflect the velocity? Are sprints beginning to accurately show the real velocity? They will not at first, but should over time. Are You Adopting DevOps In The Distribution and Release of Software? Agile and DevOps [...]

5 Reasons You’re Not Getting The IT Candidates You Want [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE: 5 Reasons You’re Not Getting The IT Candidates You Want Vague Job Description Don't cut and paste an old jod description. Take the time to update the skills and tasks. You Fail To Sell Them On Your Employer Brand What is the culture like? What are the core values? What attracts people to your company? Unclear Career Path No one wants to be doign the same thing for the next 10 years. What can they look forward to? Application or Hiring Process Is Too Lengthy or Too Slow If you cannot make an offer in 15 business days, someone [...]

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If You Work in IT – Things You Do NOT Have to Worry About

There are many perks of working in IT; however, those that receive the most play are often the lifestyle advantages, from free food to arcade-style gaming in the office. While these benefits are certainly fun,  savvy developers understand that the real perks of a tech career are internal, rather than external. These 5 things you don't have to worry about if you work in IT illustrate some of the true advantages of a working in the field. 1. Having a lengthy stretch of unemployment after leaving a job Sure, it is ideal adhere to the conventional wisdom: Always stay in your job [...]