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TITLE: 4 Questions to Identify a Team Player for Software Development


1 – Tell me about a time you dealt with a company-specific procedure for check-in, code review, progressions, release, SDLC, etc

Bad Answers:
They complain about the process
They speak of the process being burdensome

Good Answer:
They talk about why having processes are good for everyone.
You hear words like “Transparency” and “Adaptability”

2 – Tell me about a time a specification package was incorrect

Bad Answers:
They talk about how bad the specs were at multiple places.
They talk about tension with the business analyst.

Good Answer:
They get that no spec is ever 100% perfect
You hear words like “iteration”

3 – How long do you work a problem before asking for help?

Bad Answers:
Never. Unless you are interviewing Linus Torvalds, you are talking to a lone wolf.
Immediately. This is on the other extreme.

Good Answer:
You hear “I bring it up on the next daily stand-up”

4 – Tell me about a time when a bug was not actually a bug

Bad Answers:
They speak poorly of the QA team.
They talk about how “I showed them”.

Good Answer:
Anything that sound like they checked their ego at the door.