6 Questions to Ask a Potential CyberSecurity Hire

TITLE: 6 Questions to Ask a Potential Cyber Security Hire

Are You Getting Into The Industry On Purpose Or On Accident?
This will tell you something about their initiative

What Are Some Current Industry Trends You’ve Been Following?
They do not have to be the same ones you follow. They should have some type of answer.

What Type of Security Initiatives Did You Bring Forth In Your Last Job?
Ask for specifics. Does the answer makes sense. Does it sound current?

What Do You Perceive As The Biggest Hacks Of The Last Year? And What Could Those Companies Have Done To Prevent Them?
This will tell you lots about how current their skills and knowledge are.

What Preventative Security Measures Would You Take In This Role?
The really good candidate will start asking you questions first.

What Sources Are You Monitoring To Assess Current Threats?
Once again, having a quality answer is more important than an answer that matches your own