Identify Tech LeaderChange is one of the most telling signs of the technological world. Companies that do not keep up with the “change” are either sold to giants or end up filing for bankruptcy. This is why identifying the tech leader is necessary for an IT based firm.

Employees who take the initiative and show commitment to their work are easily distinguishable. This culture can only prosper if the company promotes intrapreneurship and invests in employee ideas. Especially for a department that has to keep up with an industry that experiences change on the constant.

Leaders take initiative and posses a set of traits that distinguish them from regular employees. Initiative and the willingness to invest long hours besides their job-description is one of the most desired traits of an IT professional.

Firms need to keep an eye out for employees that show promising traits. Following are a few habits and attributes of tech employees that help identify a leader.

These are 6 ways that can prove helpful in the identification:

1.     Can deal with change

The world of IT differs primarily from the rest of the business trends due to the rate of change. IT professionals who take the initiative and formulate educated assumptions can be seen as potential leaders. However, it is imperative that the said individual does not maintain their assumptions as correct even in changing conditions. They need to have the humility to understand that their assumptions can be wrong and may need to be changed with changing times and trends of the industry.

It is not necessary that all individuals who display these traits are cut out to be leaders. Ego does not fare well and leaders need to change with the times and accept that their assumptions can be wrong.

2.     The Will To learn

Employees, especially tech employees, need to keep up with the latest software and programs to perform at the top of their abilities. The willingness to learn and better themselves at each turning point in the industry is necessary.

Tech employees need to keep improving themselves and their work consistently to reduce costs and improve the competiveness of the firm.

3.     Mentors

Leaders always promote a mentor culture. They will seek advice from people who have made their mark in the industry and learn newer ways to improve the function of the firm. They keep in touch with the best of the best and will always respect their mentors and respect their experience.

4.     They are Mentors to others

Leaders do not fear competition; in fact they lead as examples, and are more than happy to mentor new comers. They will impart ways to enhance the technological standing of the company and advise other employees regarding the changes in the industry.

5.     Limit The politics

Leaders believe in collaborative efforts rather than one man shows, they prefer to keep the politics to a minimum and promote a collaborative approach to work and any issues that may arise. They promote equality and are willing to give others the benefit of the doubt. They believe in conducting a thorough research before reaching any conclusions and judging any one.

6.     Relationship Management

It is the trademark of a leader that they do not in any means create a stressful environment for other employees. This is the basis of a collaborative approach where the employees will consider themselves part of a team. This also includes a training session and other initiatives by the leader to promote a more learning environment. Leaders are not task masters and with the changing HR scenario, most employees are not willing to work under scrutiny. It is best to build relationships and that is what a leader does.

Leaders will create profitable relationships internally and externally. Staff members, customers, vendors and all other employees feel comfortable discussing ideas with a leader. Leaders do not give an impression of bringing others down, they believe in creating a learning environment where even the newest employee can contribute something new to the knowledge of others.

Especially for departments such as IT, it is best to create an environment where expressing you pinion is not restricted by an authority figures presence.

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