top it talentThe economic boom we are living in has drastically changed the fundamentals of the corporate world. The Industrial Revolution of the early 19th century laid the foundation for technological advancement. Then came the Digital Revolution in the latter part of the 20th century, which entirely changed the way we do things, not just in our homes, but also our workplace. Digital electronics and the internet are examples of this. We have become utterly dependant on the efficiency such technology brings to the table. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that being an employer, we want the top talent working for us, especially in the IT department.

We need to be quick, vigilant and competitive in approaching top quality candidates in high-ranked colleges and universities, even local ones. Showing interest in the candidate is the first step in trying to recruit him and, once he agrees to work for you, retain him for a considerable and profitable period of time. When a company shows interests in fresh graduates, it boosts their esteem and makes them want to overtake their peers in their professional lives.

Such enthusiasm is considered necessary when hiring a fresh graduate who has close to zero experience but tons of energy. New, dynamic ideas may be introduced by one of your fresh interns, someone who has a fast, innovative mind. Plus you can mould them the way you want them. You showing interest in them when they are unfinished products will ensure they will return the favor and most of them will feel indebted to your company, increasing employee loyalty.

When we talk about IT, it rarely comes down to anything other than technology. People in the IT sector try very hard to stay updated on the latest technological advancements: a new gadget, brand new software for a PC or a new way to make networking easier. These people aspire to work in an environment that incorporates the most hi-tech equipment and techniques. Equipping yourself with the latest tech will, thus, exponentially increase the number of talented applicants that want to be employed in your company.

We need to keep in mind that IT experts love being the “Go-to” guys when there is a tech-related problem within the office. Appreciating the effort that your employees put in will invite them to work with more zeal because the promise of recognition is one that everyone succumbs to.

All in all, big companies have huge human resource departments that attract and recruit new talent. However, small businesses do not have the resources to do the same. Alternatively, for these low-capital companies, the small things count; things like flexibility in schedule and understanding the employee’s point-of-view go a long way in attracting new talent.

It never hurts to let people know what you want. Using your contacts is important for small businesses, especially in the hiring process. You never know if your assistant manager’s brother will be your next business analyst. Keep your current employees content. Their satisfaction also attracts new, energetic recruits.