Business Process Mobilization entries

The ROI on EHS Systems is Better Than You Think

Many people think an Environmental Health Safety (EHS) system is too expensive, that it won’t provide the ROI they’re looking for. But actually, it’s more expensive not to implement an EHS system. The ROI is much better than you think! Even a small EHS department will find it reaps in immediate cost savings, and larger EHS departments will see significant returns. In fact, these systems pay for themselves in just one year. Many cloud systems are pay as you, so users do not have to purchase a module for every user. For a single process, the cost to implement an EHS [...]

Getting IT to buy in to your EHS software project

For many organizations today, technology is playing an increasingly large role in driving environmental, health, safety (EHS) and quality compliance and processes.  Across every industry, a higher percentage of the budget is being allocated towards EHS software.  Done right, enterprise EHS solutions have a larger user base than ERP rollouts. EHS departments often have adversarial partnerships with Information Technology. There is often a gap in understanding between the two. This article focus in getting IT to buy into your EHS software project. Getting IT properly aligned is a vital step to ensuring the success of a new EHS system [...]

EHS Software Problem #2 – What are the real root causes?

In our work with companies implementing or changing their EHS Software, we often hear this quote or a variation of it:“I can’t figure out my REAL trending root causes. I have a hundred root causes from various processes from multiple systems. Not everything translates”When we hear this, we very quickly hear some combination of the below:The incidents are recorded in multiple systemsThe different systems record data with varying degrees of granularityInvestigations are captured in multiple systems, and not with IncidentsDifferent business units use different root cause methodologiesCannot follow my root causes through to my action itemsYour organization is not alone [...]