Get IT buy into EHS SoftwareFor many organizations today, technology is playing an increasingly large role in driving environmental, health, safety (EHS) and quality compliance and processes.  Across every industry, a higher percentage of the budget is being allocated towards EHS software.  Done right, enterprise EHS solutions have a larger user base than ERP rollouts. EHS departments often have adversarial partnerships with Information Technology. There is often a gap in understanding between the two. This article focus in getting IT to buy into your EHS software project.

Getting IT properly aligned is a vital step to ensuring the success of a new EHS system implementation.  With our DecisionEHS projects, part of our process is getting IT to buy in the to need for a new EHS system by focusing on the following steps:

1) Engage the IT Department Early in the Selection Process

Your IT Department will be focused on an entirely different set of criteria than your EHS organization. They will likely be interested in things like integration and security standards.  Including the IT Department early can greatly impact the success of software implementation.

2) Gain Executive Buy-In For your Software Project

 Gaining buy-in from an executive stakeholder in the IT Department can influence timelines, the allocation of resources and can ensure that your EHS software project is made a priority.

3) Outline the ROI of Implementing EHS Software

 Prepare a business case that outlines the benefits of implementing EHS software for your organization.  We have more for justifying EHS system ROI on the following blog post.

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4) Work with the IT Department to Establish the Scope of the Project

 The initial scope should identify exactly what is required in order to deliver the EHS product with the specified functions, features and objectives.  Work with your IT Department to regularly monitor the project scope. To ensure the project meets your requirements, avoid deviating from the original scope too frequently.

5) Set a Specific Timeline with frequent Milestones

 Collaborate with your IT Department to create a project roadmap, assign individuals accountable for key milestones and outline a timeline to ensure the software project remains on track and in line with your project’s scope.

DecisionEHS will help your EHS organization get a current landscape of your EHS processes and tie in the above strategies, whether you are rolling out your first EHS system strategy or enhancing an existing one.

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