INFOGRAPHC Is Your Company Truly Agile

Is Your Company Truly Agile? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

  1. Are you breaking up ALL development into smaller increments?
    If there are legacy groups that are waterfalling a project that is due in 6 months – you are not truly Agile.
  2. How Are Your Teams Configured?
    You need development, a product owner and QA on every team.
  3. Is There True Transparency?
    Do the story points reflect the velocity? Are sprints beginning to accurately show the real velocity? They will not at first, but should over time.
  4. Are You Adopting DevOps In The Distribution and Release of Software?
    Agile and DevOps are closely coupled. Is there a mechanism to compile checked-in code? How easy is it for Dev and QA sandboxes to get specific code verisons?
  5. Do You Have the Proper Executive Escalation Plan In Place?
    When someone yells loudly “Fix This”, does that follow a pre-determined path or does everyone drop everything?

BONUS QUESTION: Do you story point?
Many companies claim they are Agile, but do not story point. They are missing the point.