EHS KPIs Not TrackingWhat is the goal of an Enterprise EHS system?   The typical enterprise implementation will cost over $250,000, and almost half of them fail within the first three years.  With such a low rate of success, what are EHS organizations doing to contribute to this high failure rate? One thing EHS organizations can do to improve their ROI is establish better KPI measurements.

Having been around a lot of successful implementations, the EHS departments that succeed have systems that are aligned with EHS’s goal of creating a safety culture.  If your company is thinking and acting safer, then incident rates are lower and action items are getting closed faster.  So, an EHS system that measures culture is key.

When developing your EHS dashboards, there are the typical lagging indicators.  Incident Rates, Open Incidents, Overdue Action Items and a safety pyramid.  Those are all very important, but they are not a reflection of your team’s safety culture.  We need to measure how safe our people are thinking.  Here are three KPIs that you can track, that you probably aren’t, to measure to organizations safety culture:

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  1. Time to first action: What is the amount of time from an event (incident or near miss) to the first action item being assigned?
  2. Findings per Investigation: We want to measure our investigation rigor. If you have the data points to determine number of high rigor investigations vs. low rigor investigations, great!  But, if you don’t, number of findings per investigation is a start.
  3. Number of safe actions observed: The goal is to have our employees thinking safer, so trending on the count of safe observations measures that culture.

When implementing your dashboards consider KPI that measure how safe your employees are thinking, and those lagging indicators that our executives are measuring will improve.

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