How To Be A Better Problem Solver

Problem-solving, critical and creative thinking go hand-in-hand helping us to see the world from numerous vantage points. Each of these ways of thinking strengthens our ability to intelligently and flexibility comprehend things when faced with the never-ending problems that life throws our ways. Information Technology departments can be improved by bringing in people with better problem solving skills or by improving the skills of the people you have.Great problem solvers are great thinkers. They have fewer problems and drama to begin with, and do not get overly emotional when confronted with a problem. They typically see problems as life experiences [...]

Better Problem Solvers Leads to Better IT

IT Departments can be more effective if they made effort to focus on finding people with problem solving skill in addition to the technical skills. Teams with better problem solvers lead to better teams. Several years ago I was on a software development project for a fortune 100 company. Through the course of investigating some data I needed to call in an API, I learned about an application they had running. As I started asking questions, several facts about this one application came out: They needed to reboot the server running this application 3-4 times a week They needed [...]