EHS Software Life spanWith the continued demand for transparency and the increased need of enterprise-wide risk analysis, the use of software tools is increasingly indispensable to managing global EHS projects.   Most global EHS programs have implemented software solutions, but very few are happy with their decisions.  According to NAEM’s 2017 EHS & Sustainability Software Buyers Guide, almost 50% are shopping for a new solution less than 5 years after implementing their existing software. There are several things an EHS Organization can do to extend their EHS software life span. The more relevant and current the software stays, the higher the ROI is.

EHS Software Life SpanSource: NAEM EHS & Sustainability Software Buyer’s Survey

With actual implementation costs reaching $250,000, why are half the companies bailing on their investment?  The top 4 reasons according to the survey are:

Reasons change EHS Software

Source: NAEM EHS & Sustainability Software Buyer’s Survey

Three of the four top reasons relate directly to the vendor selection process.  This is where Decide Consulting, with their DecisionEHS process, can help. During our DecisionEHS review, we:

  • Review all EHS software data sources.
  • Analyze EHS reporting inputs and outputs.
  • Detail usage gaps compared to industry standards.
  • Identify which EHS software systems will best enable your company to reduce risk.
  • Provide you with detailed solutions so you can use your software more effectively.
  • Decide Consulting provides the DecisionEHS service at an optimal price point.

With DecisionEHS, you have the information to development the best plan for a integrated, comprehensive solution that your organization can scale with, instead of picking a different strategy in 3 years. We can help you get better ROI on your EHS projects.

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