Break Into AI JobArtificial Intelligence is still pretty much in its nascent stage, but one thing that we’ve all noticed through its limited period of implementation is that the technology is here to stay. Not only is AI making lives easier for all of us living in this world, but it is also creating a doorway towards the future, as we had envisioned it to be.

While AI promises to deliver a lot of goods in the future, there is still the presence of the human element involved. The human element is required for the means of maintaining big data numbers, solving AI problems, teaching machines how to learn and store data, among many other aspects. Now, while machines need humans for the proper functioning of Artificial Intelligence, individuals working alongside these machines should boast of a special skill set developed through years of experience.

Understanding the problems behind AI and thinking of creative solutions does not only require critical thinking skills, but also requires technical skills related to the field. New York Times famously reported that, ‘There are over 10K AI related problems to solve right now, with fewer than 10K qualified AI people to handle them.’ This brings us to an AI crisis of sorts and an opportunity for people looking to jump on to it.

As IoT devices start to grow, we would need more data and security risk analysis to manage the data related to IoT devices. However, these data management skills aren’t possessed by everyone, and special expertise is needed here. Only people who possess these skills will be considered capable by organizations looking to hire for managing data resources. These predictive assumptions suggest that AI based skills might well be the most in-demand skills going into the future. It is necessary for the individual practicing them to have sufficient command over the skills to be considered worthy for the job.

Those of us, who understand the potential hosted for AI jobs in the future, are looking to add to their curriculum vitae for the future that is to come. Here we mention a few tips that can be incorporated by candidates looking to break into an AI job.

Take Online Courses

In this world of online feasibility, online courses should be your number one option for gaining knowledge about literally everything. One simple search on Google and you will come across numerous resources and online courses meant to educate you about the world of AI.

Google itself has released a machine learning resource that aims to increase awareness and knowledge regarding. The resource can be availed by clicking here. The resource offered by Google comprehensively covers the core components of the topic, and what should be done to become a part of the future.

Some other courses online include the one by Coursera, and the one by EDX. Both these course providers have a good collection of courses to help interested people out when it comes to acquiring knowledge from the comforts of their home. All of these courses are comprehensive in preparing individuals for an AI job, and ensuring that they are well equipped with information related to Artificial Intelligence and its applications.

Study AI Software Tools

There are numerous AI software tools out there, which you have to start reading about and understanding from now onwards. All these software tools delve on the technical aspect of AI, which is why it is important that you take your time and don’t hurry things. There are basic differences between the different software tools as well, and you need to comprehend them as well as part of your overall understanding of the topic at hand.

Some of the software packages that you can access online include the following:

  • Google Cloud API
  • TensorFlow
  • Azure Machine Learning
  • Rainbird
  • MindMeld

All the software programs mentioned above are comprehensive when it comes to AI, and mastering them would give you a good head start for the future.

Read all that you can

One aspect of mastering AI is to read as much as you possibly can. Good developers that want to make their mark into AI and the data analytics related to it are always reading interesting bits of information on new technologies being launched in this regard.

Since AI and data analytics are still at their nascent stage, there is something new related to them coming out every week. So, to remain in touch with the new insights, it is necessary that you keep reading everything that you can. There are various subscriptions and articles available on the internet that help you get in terms with the new technology and the applications method available. If you keep an active eye on every interesting piece of content that provides insights regarding AI, then you will be able to get a good job in the market.

Solve Problems through It

The fact that you’re currently not working in an AI setup, does not imply that you cannot apply the methods to solve random problems. Great minds like to think, which is why you can also start thinking about random problems that can be benefitted through AI.

This will not only give you practical experience regarding the implementation of AI, but will also help you get a mindset that most organizations look for in AI individuals. You can start by thinking of solutions to problems around you. For example, if you take up your current organization’s dashboard, then what are the ways that the problems within the dashboard can be solved through the implementation of AI? Providing answers to random queries and questions like this would gear you for an AI job, so you are very much part of the wave towards the future.

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