How to Break In to an AI Job – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Topic: How to Break In to an AI Job Sub Topic: AI Skills are Hot. Here are Some Hints to Develop AI Skills Take Googles Free AI Course - Learn what they teach in Silicon Valley Other Free Online Material - Check Out Coursera and EDX. Excellent Material Study AI Software Tools - Azure Machine Learning, Rainbird, TensorFlow, AWS - Pick one and go! Read all you can - Set up Google Alerts on your favorite AI topic Hello World - Find a small work problem that can have AI applied to it. Do it! Read More: INFOGRAPHIC - [...]

AI Jobs are In Demand [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE – AI Jobs are In Demand So Few With the AI Skills NYTimes Reported fewer than 10,000 Skilled AI people in the world More than 10,000 Problems that need AI Manufacturing, Oil & Gas and Logistics all need AI Talent Not just Google and Uber Silicon Valley is Soaking Up AI Talent Freshly minted PhDs being offered up to $500K Google paid $650M for DeepMind Only 50 people worked there Each person valued at $13M Start learning about TensorFlow, BrainBird and MindMeld

How to Break Into an AI Job

Artificial Intelligence is still pretty much in its nascent stage, but one thing that we’ve all noticed through its limited period of implementation is that the technology is here to stay. Not only is AI making lives easier for all of us living in this world, but it is also creating a doorway towards the future, as we had envisioned it to be. While AI promises to deliver a lot of goods in the future, there is still the presence of the human element involved. The human element is required for the means of maintaining big data numbers, solving [...]