Why You May Regret Taking that Counter Offer

Nowadays, there’s a lot of competition in the IT job market; everyone’s vying to get the job of their dreams and even those who have stable jobs are constantly on the lookout for a better job opportunity. However, despite the hustle bustle of the job market and the allure of a new job, IT employees usually tend to stick with their existing jobs. In fact, the average tenure of an IT software worker is 46 months. So, how does the software sector have such a good employee retention rate? For one, job searching is an arduous and time consuming [...]

Thinking of Taking a Counter Offer – Read This [INFOGRAPHIC]

Thinking of Taking a Counter Offer – Read This Takeaways: 1) Every time you want a raise, you have to find a new job 2) Since you have let them know you are capable of leaving, your loyalty is now questioned 3) You are no longer viewed as a team player 4) If you were due a raise, did you wind up just getting it a little early? 5) Why weren’t they paying you that before? Weren’t you worth it? Clearly your employer did not think so. 6) It is common for management to start creating a hedge plan [...]