How to Ace a Skills-Based Job Interview

Between 2016 and 2026, Information Technology jobs are predicted to grow by 13%. There is likely to be an increased focus on the cloud, security and data. If you secure a interview, whether it is over the phone or in person, skills-based questions for I.T jobs are now commonplace. These types of questions require you to demonstrate and describe certain competencies that are needed to succeed in a particular role. While skills-based interviews may well feel like a daunting prospect, if you make sure that you plan appropriately in advance, you give yourself the best chance of doing yourself justice. Here are a [...]

10 Things to do to Prepare for an IT job Interview [INFOGRAPHIC]

Title: 10 Things to do to Prepare for an IT job Interview 1. Do Your Research – find out about the company 2. Arrive On Time 3. Do Some Homework – who are you interviewing with? Find them on LinkedIn. 4. Behave Professionally 5. Be Honest 6. Show Respect to the Interviewers 7. Talk About Different Issues and Topics – Show you are more than bits and bytes. 8. Choose a Proper Attire 9. Focus More on Your Friendly Side 10. Bring Extra Resumes and Other Necessary Documents