10 Things Tech Candidates Hate about IT Recruiters [Infographic]

10 Things Tech Candidates Hate about IT Recruiters 1) You’ve exaggerated the job 2) You didn't read my resume 3) No Feedback I went on the interview. Give me some feedback. 4) You sent my resume where? You need to tell me where my resume is going 5) Too many steps in the interview process 6) You do not understand the role Your questions tell me you are in over your head 7) Do not ask me to take a pay cut 8) Do not ask me to move 9) You are not even in this country How can [...]

What to Expect from Your IT Staffing Partner

Hiring in the field of IT has become more and more complex over a period of time. Gone are the days when you could get dedicated IT workers without getting the assistance of senior staffers or recruiters. Now, in this day and age of heightened competition and specialized skill sets, it is necessary that you hire talent that is up to the mark in delivering what you want from them. Inevitably, many companies turn to IT recruiters for help. Here are some items to expect from your IT staffing partner.Getting such a talent without any professional help can be overwhelming, [...]

These 5 IT Hires Can Cost You an Extra Million [INFOGRAPHIC]

TITLE: These 5 IT Hires Can Cost You an Extra Million Sub Title: The Cost of a bad hire can be high. Hiring the wrong developer can cost you more than just their salary. Bad hires can cause a company to spend unnecessarily on many fronts. Takeaways The Rewriter - They never saw a piece of code they liked except what they wrote themselves. Every time they look at a piece of code, they state “we need to rewrite this” Why is it a problem - Not everything needs to be rewritten, especially if it is working. The Resume [...]