what expect IT staffing partnerHiring in the field of IT has become more and more complex over a period of time. Gone are the days when you could get dedicated IT workers without getting the assistance of senior staffers or recruiters. Now, in this day and age of heightened competition and specialized skill sets, it is necessary that you hire talent that is up to the mark in delivering what you want from them. Inevitably, many companies turn to IT recruiters for help. Here are some items to expect from your IT staffing partner.

Getting such a talent without any professional help can be overwhelming, which is why you should opt for an IT staffing partner to help you through the process.

Now that you’ve made the decision to get the services of an IT staffing partner, it is important that you know what to expect from them. Not knowing what the IT staffers can do for you, can create a lack of synergy that won’t really help you.

For you to get the best candidates, you need to be on the same page as your IT staffer, and understand the value addition that your partners are promising.

Help with Developing the Job Description

The JD, or the job description, is the single most important part of advertising a new job. Mistakes in drafting the JD can haunt you later, since you will get workers who are specialists in the kind of JD you have advertised. If you missed a requirement in your JD, there is a good chance that your new recruit does not possess those skills.

Your IT staffing partners will first recognize the position and needs that your company is looking to fulfill through the hiring. Once they know of the requirements and the role that the selected candidate would have to play, then they can assist you in the process for drafting the ideal JD. For this to happen, you need to work alongside the staffers, and share every bit of information with them for future reference.

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Accurate Salary Expectations

Offering a market competitive salary package to the candidate you’re hiring is an important part of the whole interview and selection process. Your job staffing partners would help you set a basic salary that will not only fulfill the expectations of candidates, but would also be within your range.

Market and Salary Insights

One thing that many IT firms expect their staffing partners to bring to the table is actionable market insights. These insights can relate to research regarding hiring methods, relevant industry skills required, and any other metric. With such research and insights up their sleeves, an IT staffing partner will reduce the implications that you would have gone through because of lack of information.

Not just this, but you should also expect your IT partner to have basic information related to the IT tools and software being used across the globe. Based on information pertaining to these tools and software, the IT staffing partner would be able to better evaluate candidates on their knowledge of current methods in use within the IT industry.

Qualification Call with Someone Technical

Huge emphasis is placed on the technical knowledge of your IT partner. Your IT partner needs to have the technical knowledge required for managing discussions with future candidates and evaluating if they are fit for the job at hand. The staffing partner should have information pertaining to all latest tools and how they’re used for IT jobs.

Sourcing Strategy That is Not Limited to Job Boards

The sourcing strategy of your IT staffing partner should not be limited to job boards. Most IT firms expect staffers to come up with better sourcing strategies, and that is what they do through their extensive experience in the field.

Even a novice would know about marketing a position on job boards, but it is a fact that most candidates barely visit job boards nowadays. In fact, candidates are now found on more interactive social media platforms. So, instead of waiting for the candidate to come to a job board, your staffing partner will reach out to the candidate and make the job easier for everyone involved.

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Questions About Your Culture

Once you get in touch with an IT staffing partner, be prepared to answer questions related to your culture. Your IT staffing partner would want to know as much as they can about the culture within your organization and how much you’re looking to broaden or implement that culture.

With the right answers to these questions, they can move towards screening future employees on the basis of how well they match your organization’s culture. A staffer would usually put in special emphasis to ensure that the candidates they hire meet your organization’s culture. A misfit would never be able to settle and perform as someone who blends in seamlessly.

Interviewing Candidates

Professional staffers are apt at interviewing candidates, which is why you can expect them to interview candidates for you. They will create the right mix of questions needed for selecting the right candidate, and would ensure that every aspect of the candidate’s expertise and personal attributes are properly evaluated.

No stone would be left unturned, and from academic to personal, everything related to the candidate would be asked. Staffers usually have different questions to evaluate the personality of interested candidates as well, so you can expect them to do that for you.

Request for Feedback

Once they have helped you hire the right candidate, the recruitment team would request you to provide feedback on how the candidate has been able to fill the void that your organization wanted filled. More often than not, the feedback is in favor of the candidate, since they have been screened through a strenuous process.

A recruitment team would take pride in this type of feedback. If the feedback is negative, they would try and learn from it.

Regular Check-Ins

Finally, you can expect the recruitment team to perform regular check-ins once a suitable candidate has been hired. The check-ins would be to see how the candidate is performing, and how much their evaluation is turning out to be true.

IT staffers really reduce the burden from the shoulders of the Human Resource department inside an IT firm. By helping screen and select the best possible candidate, they ensure that the organization finds just the kind of candidate they are looking for.

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