7 Reasons Why Hiring Managers Say You Are OVERQUALIFIED [Infographic]

7 Reasons Why Hiring Managers Say You Are “OVERQUALIFIED” 1. Employer Is Concerned You Will Not Do Menial Tasks 2. You Are Too Old in Their Eyes 3. Management Is Concerned You Will Get Bored 4. You Are Asking for a Lot of Money 5. You Came Off As Arrogant 6. Management Thinks You Are Taking This as a Stopgap 7. Your Skills and Background are a Threat to Existing Management https://decideconsulting.com/7-reasons-why-hiring-managers-say-you-are-overqualified/

7 Reasons Why Hiring Managers Say You Are “OVERQUALIFIED”

Have you been working in the software or IT industry for many years? You must have come across situations where you were rejected for a job because you were ‘overqualified’. Being rejected for being overqualified for a position is equivalent to being dumped by someone who says ‘it’s not you, it’s me’. Such rejections simply translate to the notion that ‘you are so tremendously experienced that we cannot bear to have you on our time right now’. It can be really discouraging for candidates, especially in the IT and software sectors. But, aren’t qualifications and experience always a plus [...]