6 Ways to Identify a Tech Leader [INFOGRAPHIC]

6 Ways to Identify a Tech Leader They Can Deal with Change - Leaders form educated ideas and opinions - They admit they may be wrong The Will To learn - Leaders show a willingness to learn and better themselves - They encourage others to do the same They Seek Mentors - Leaders promote a mentor culture. - They will seek advice from people who have made their mark Mentors Others - Leaders are happy to mentor new comers. - They advise other employees regarding technology changes Limit Politics - Leaders believe in collaborative efforts rather than one man [...]

6 Ways to Identify a Tech Leader

Change is one of the most telling signs of the technological world. Companies that do not keep up with the “change” are either sold to giants or end up filing for bankruptcy. This is why identifying the tech leader is necessary for an IT based firm. Employees who take the initiative and show commitment to their work are easily distinguishable. This culture can only prosper if the company promotes intrapreneurship and invests in employee ideas. Especially for a department that has to keep up with an industry that experiences change on the constant. Leaders take initiative and posses a [...]